Product Spotlight: Enoki

Product Spotlight: Enoki

Smart has never looked so cool!

Combining contemporary, minimalist design with clean, industrial charm, the Prominence Home Enoki ceiling fan is an ideal mixture of style and functionality.

Available in three modern finishes with dual-reversible fan blades, smart fan capabilities, and a quiet, reversible motor, the Enoki will make an ideal complement to nearly any space in your home or workplace.

Illuminate Your Space in Style

The way in which you light up your home matters. With the Enoki modern smart ceiling fan, you can effortlessly provide plenty of ambient light to light up your space with the click of a button.

For the moments when soft, subtle light is more appropriate, the Enoki can easily be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

With an integrated 4-inch LED light board providing 18.5 watts, 1400 lumens, dimmable 20% to 100% and a color temperature of 3000K, the Enoki fan will undoubtedly enhance your most frequented living spaces no matter what the occasion.

Convenient Features to Optimize Your Comfort

A great ceiling fan should contribute to the overall comfort of your home. With this in mind, the Enoki has been designed with modern, thoughtful features to make life more convenient and comfortable than ever.

  • Quiet, Reversible Motor: The Enoki fan will cool and circulate air around the room without making a peep. Better still, the blades can be adjusted with the click of a button to spin in the opposite direction, keeping your home warm and lowering energy costs during cooler months.
  • Generous Size: With blades that measure 52", the Enoki fan works well in rooms that measure up to 18 feet by 20 feet. Its slender, durable blades make cooling and circulating the air in your home's rooms a breeze, including large living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more.
  • Durable: The Enoki fan is built to last. Its exceptional quality and durability mean that your Enoki fan will keep your home looking and feeling great for years to come. Please note that the Enoki has been created specifically for indoor use. To get the most out of your fan, be sure to avoid using it in areas where moisture is present, such as a patio.

Enoki Smart Ceiling Fan by Prominence Home

 Easy Installation

The Enoki fan comes with a dual mount capability.

It can be hung by the standard downrod mount, 6" downrod included, or on angled ceilings (angle bracket for angles greater than 17 degrees sold separately), making it a great option for most standard living spaces.

For the DIYer or money savvy individuals, installing the Enoki fan is simple enough to be completed in under one hour without the need to hire professional assistance.

A user-friendly instruction manual and a troubleshooting guide are included with purchase!

Exceptional Design Options to Meet Your Unique Style Needs

The Enoki comes in three stunning finishes: blue sapphire, bright white, and matte black to enhance the beauty of your home regardless of its particular design style.

Each fan comes with dual reversible blades, giving you the option to change the fan's look as necessary.

While Enoki fans are sure to complement any home décor, they work particularly well in homes with an appreciation for contemporary, rustic, or industrial design thanks to its clean lines and subdued charm.

Enoki Smart Ceiling Fan with sapphire blue finish by Prominence Home

Sapphire Blue

Accessorizing your home with thoughtful décor shouldn't be complicated. Handsome, modern, and refined, the blue sapphire Enoki offers one-of-a-kind personality and charm to your home.

With blade options that include a subtle gray oak and crisp white, it's never been easier to embrace contemporary, rustic warmth that can easily blend with your home's current décor.

The sapphire blue Enoki's distinct blue finish allows it to be the focal point of your space or seamlessly blend with its surroundings as you see fit


Enoki Smart Ceiling Fan with Pewter Finish by Prominence Home


Sometimes the most understated home décor is the most noticeable - this is the case for the pewter Enoki fan.

Simple yet stunning, the pewter dome is accompanied by light gray oak fan blades on one side and warm burnt coffee on the other, allowing you to achieve your home's ideal aesthetic.

Cool, fresh, and minimal, the pewter Enoki fan would make the perfect addition to your bright, modern spaces.

Enoki Smart Ceiling Fan with Matte Black finish by Prominence Home

Matte Black

Who says a ceiling fan can't be as attractive as it is practical? To add depth, character, and edge to any room in your home, the matte black Enoki fan is an ideal option.

With matte black fan blades for a modern, dramatic appearance or rich, gray cedar fan blades for a sophisticated touch, the matte black Enoki can keep your room comfortable while enhancing the space as stylish as ever.


Enoki Smart Ceiling Fan with Bright White finish by Prominence Home

Bright White

There's no better way to lighten up small, dark rooms in your home than with the right ceiling fan. The bright white Enoki fan's sleek design is the premiere option to add brightness and understated style to your home.

Pair with its matching bright white fan blades for a chic, monochromatic aesthetic or the rustic, gray oak blades for a warm touch that is sure to catch the eye of everyone who steps into your home.

Smart Features and Included Remote Control

You can't forget one of the best parts- the Enoki is a SMART ceiling fan. The Wi-Fi enabled receiver works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant or from the FansIO app on your cell phone to control a number of convenient features that can help you make the most of your fan and maintain the ideal comfort level of your home!

The included remote control offers a variety of functions:

  • Turn the Fan On and Off

It's easy to turn your fan on when you'd like to bring down the temperature of the room or simply create air movement.

When you're ready to leave the room or it's reached your desired temperature, simply turn your fan down or off with your Enoki remote. The remote makes fan control considerably easier and more convenient, so you can use your fan as you see fit without having to get up every time it needs to be adjusted.

  • Control Fan Speed

Having the option to conveniently control the speed of your Enoki fan is equally as important as being able to turn it on and off. After all, your home may need more air flow on hot days or less during specific activities, such as meal times.

With your Enoki remote, you can easily control the three speed settings of your fan(low, medium and high) and maintain your room's ideal environment at any given moment all from the comfort of your favorite chair.

  • Adapt Your Lighting

While you may need to fully illuminate the space on some occasions, having the option to dim the lights (just press and hold the light button) as needed can also be beneficial in many rooms.

  • Walk-Away-Delay

This super convenient function is perfect for when you are ready to tuck in for bed or leave for the day. This button causes the fan light to say on for 60 seconds to allow you to leave the room before it turns off.

  • Variable Breeze

This simulates a refreshing breeze- it rotates through the three speed settings to provide comforting pleasant increases and decreases in airflow similar to what you would find in nature. Simply press and hold this button to activate and press any of the fan speed buttons to cancel.

  • Home Shield

This amazing function simulates occupancy while you are away from home. The fan will remain off however the light will randomly turn on a minimum of five times for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Enoki Smart Ceiling fan is kid approved
Photo Credit: Instagram📷@crayonsandcravings

Bonus Feature

The Enoki ceiling fan is definitely kid approved!

This adorable preschooler gives it two thumbs up and Mama fully agrees!



Whether you are searching for a ceiling fan to stand out as the focal point of your home office, blend in with your minimalist bedroom, or simply look great while keeping your living room as comfortable as possible, the Enoki is sure to add optimal comfort, convenience, and style to your home while effortlessly meshing with its existing décor.

The Enoki's simple elegance, modern design, and convenient features make it the ultimate ceiling fan for everyday indoor use.