Ceiling Fan Remote Features

The Prominence Home ceiling fan remote may look small remote but it's packed with a ton of features! Use it with the included wall dock or take it with you anywhere in your living space for added convenience of operating your ceiling fan. 

To operate the fan using the remote, make sure fan pull chain is on high and light is turned on.

Then press and release the following buttons:

  • Fan Off - Turns the power to fan off.
  • Light On/Off - Turns the light on and off. Press and hold to dim or brighten lights (for dimmable bulbs only).
  • High Speed - Turns on fan at high speed.
  • Medium Speed - Turns on fan at medium speed.
  • Low Speed - Turns fan to lowest speed

Special Features:

  • Walk Away Light Delay®️ - Light stays on for 60 seconds to allow for safe exit from room. Note: Tap Light Delay once to activate. Fan light blinks once to confirm Light Delay is active. Press any button to cancel.
  • Nature Breeze®️ - Simulates a breeze in nature. The fan will transition through the different fan speeds at random to imitate a gentle ocean breeze. Press and hold button to activate. Press any fan speed button to cancel. 
  • Safe Home- Simulates occupancy while away from home. Fan remains off and the light randomly turns on for a minimum of five times and a maximum of 20 minutes. The light remains off for 60 minutes between events. Press and hold button to activate. Light will blink twice to confirm Safe Home is active. Press any button to cancel.
  • LEARN button - Syncs remote to receiver (see TROUBLESHOOTING for instructions). Note: To access LEARN button, remove battery door from back of the remote using a flat-head screwdriver.

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