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Buying a ceiling fan is not a one size fits all situation. Some people seek out that amazing show-stopping, jaw dropping room topping, while others desire that sleek utility fan that will quietly do its job without drawing much attention. Your style is as unique as your personality and we have options to fit every mood!

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Lighting Fixtures

Illuminate your home inside and out with the Prominence Home Lighting Collection. We created chandeliers, flush mounts, pendants, outdoor coach lights and vanity lights to add just the right style and brilliant glow to any space.

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Coastal Ceiling Fans

Light tones, clean aesthetic, and an airy atmosphere should have you visualizing a seaside cottage. Those longing for a tropical vacation can always have a tropical stay-cation at home in a nautical themed room.

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Contemporary Ceiling Fans

If subtle sophistication, simplicity, structure and open space speak to you, there is a good chance you lean towards contemporary style. This trend focuses on smooth, clean lines, open space, and geometric shapes as well as combining basic neutrals with bold pops of color.

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Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Classic farmhouse style has been growing in popularity every year and luckily there seems to be no end in sight! With a focus on comfort this trend balances the old and the new for a space that is cozy and full of character.

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Traditional Ceiling Fans

Traditional design is all about the extra details. Nothing about it is minimalist. It focuses on curved lines, elegant touches, and matching pieces. Dark woods, rich tones, and decorative details truly embody this style.

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Industrial Ceiling Fans

A unique combination of raw and refined give the industrial design it’s factory-chic flair. The perfect play of textures and contrasts make this trend truly eye-catching.

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Glenmont Ceiling fan

This is one of the most attractive fans I’ve ever seen. Installed it in two homes so far.

Reston ceiling fan

It was easy to install, especially when replacing the existing ceiling fan.

Potomac IO Ceiling fan

Great product, color and easy setup instructions.