How to install a ceiling fan remote

Installing a universal ceiling fan remote control is an excellent update for any downrod pull chain ceiling fan. It can add additional functionality and can make it easier to simply adjust the speed of the fan or turn on and off the light kit.

The installation process requires the installation of a remote control receiver.  Follow these simple steps to install:

  1. Use existing pull chains on the desired fan to set fan speed to HIGH and to turn the light ON.
  2. Turn off circuit breakers and wall switch to the fan. DANGER: Failure to disconnect power supply prior to installation may result in serious injury or death.
  3. Lower the canopy of the previously assembled fan and insert receiver into the mounting bracket with antenna end first and the flat side facing the ceiling. Note: If installing this product with a new fan, insert the receiver in the mounting bracket before wiring the fan; wire the fan according to these instructions, then continue fan assembly as directed in the fan’s instruction manual. UNIVERSAL WALL REMOTE Model #51487, 51433
  4. Disconnect existing wire connections (if applicable), then secure all wire connections with wire connectors according to diagram and these steps:
    1. Connect the green wires from the downrod and mounting bracket to the bare/green (ground) supply wire.
    2. Connect the Blue wire (FOR LIGHT) from the receiver to the Blue fan wire.
    3. Connect the Black wire (TO MOTOR L) from the receiver to the Black fan wire.
    4. Connect the White wire (TO MOTOR N) from the receiver to the White fan wire.
    5. Connect the Black wire (AC IN L) from the receiver to the Black (hot/power) supply wire.
    6. Connect the White (AC IN N) from the receiver to the White (neutral) supply wire
  5. Wrap electrical tape (not included) around each wire connector down to the wire. Then, push wire connections into the outlet box. Place the White wire connections on the opposite side of the outlet box from the Black and Blue wire connections.
  6. Reinstall the canopy.
  7. Turn on power supply and wall switch to the fan.
  8. Remove the battery door from the back of the remote using a flat-head screwdriver (not included). Insert the two CR2032 batteries into the remote; ensure the positive pole of the batteries face up (as pictured) and then replace the battery door. Press the HIGH SPEED button to ensure the LED indicator illuminates and the fan turns on.
  9. If desired, the wall bracket can be attached to a wall using the mounting screws.


If you have difficulty operating your remote, or have difficulty with installation, please contact Customer Service : 1-877-706-3267, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central Time.

WARNING: Ensure the power is turned off to the fan/remote before performing any maintenance. 

LED indicator on the remote illuminates, but the remote won’t control the fan.

The remote may need to be re-synced. The remote is synced to the receiver at the factory. Occasionally, power surges can cause the remote to become un-synced. Whenever necessary, follow the syncing instructions below.

SYNCING INSTRUCTIONS: Switch the power to the fan off and back on again. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the HIGH SPEED and LOW SPEED buttons (or the “LEARN” button, located in the battery compartment) for 5 seconds. Fan will turn on at low speed and light off. This confirms the syncing process is successful. 

The LED indicator on the remote does not illuminate.

The battery most likely needs to be replaced or it is not oriented correctly in the battery compartment. If battery is depleted rapidly, ensure one of buttons is not stuck in the down position.

The LED indicator stays on.

Ensure one of buttons is not stuck in the down position.

Remote controls more than one fan.

Turn off the power to the fans you don’t want synced. Follow the syncing instructions listed above. Then, turn on the power to the other fans.

Dimming feature does not function.

Ensure the bulbs are incandescent or other dimmable bulbs.

Fan will not run at high speed.

If your fan has manual pull chains to operate the fan speed, be sure the pull chain is manually set to HIGH SPEED. If your pull chain is set to LOW or MEDIUM SPEED, the remote will not override the manual pull chain setting.

Light will not turn on.

If you fan has manual pull chains, be sure the light pull chain is set to ON. The remote will not override the manual pull chain setting.

Additionally please read instructions completely before installing the remote. WARNING: If the color of the household supply wires is different than what is referred to in the instructions below, a professional electrician should determine proper wiring. 


  • Do not install in damp locations. For indoor use only.
  • Do not use with fans that have integrated remote controls.
  • Do not use with hugger-style fans.
  • Be sure the outlet box is properly grounded or that a green or bare (ground) wire is present.
  • This unit is intended to control a ceiling fan with electrical source of AC 110/120V, 60Hz.
  • Consult the complete manual for additional warnings – click here

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