Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity with a Luxury LED Mirror

Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity with a Luxury LED Mirror

Looking for the ultimate bathroom upgrade? Look no further than our Luxury LED MirrorsLED bathroom mirrors are often dismissed as novelties, but in fact, they surpass traditional mirrors in many ways. Here are 4 compelling reasons to consider an LED bathroom mirror as a serious replacement option:

1. The Look

Bathroom mirrors and bathroom vanity lighting have come a long way! These LED Mirrors feature a sleek and frameless design which gives them a clean and modern look. This minimalistic style mirror pairs perfectly with any room decor and instantly give the space a luxurious and upscale 5-star hotel vibe.

Touchscreen dimmable LED Mirror by Prominence Home

2. The Lighting

These luxury mirrors are stylish and modern and feature built-in front and back facing LED lights. These LED lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, helping homeowners to save money on their energy bills. The lights provide bright and even illumination that is perfect for applying makeup or shaving.

Easily control the brightness and the color temperature with the simple touchscreen display. Toggle between warm, natural and white lighting and dim each light setting from 10-100%. With so many lighting options you will feel like you have been transported to a luxury spa. 

These mirrors are designed to provide you with a practical and reliable lighting solution that is both functional and elegant. 

3. Easy / Dual Installation

Designed for hassle free Installation by simply securing the mirror holder to the wall with only 3 screws, then hang the mirror effortlessly. Next, either plug your luxury mirror into a nearby 3-prong outlet or you can hardwire the mirror. 

These mirrors support vertical and horizontal installation and are available in four sizes to fit any space. Watch our how to install video here.

4. The Features

In addition to their stylish design and practical lighting, Prominence Home LED Mirrors also feature anti-fogging technology. This ensures that the mirror stays clear even in steamy bathroom conditions, making it easy to use after a hot shower or bath. 

The smart memory function records and remembers your last lighting setting, so your favorite color temperature and brightness is a quick and convenient touch  away.

Wall mounted Bathroom Vanity LED Mirror by Prominence Home

The mirrors are made from high-quality materials, including thick, tempered

glass that resists scratching and chipping.  With its corrosion-resistant and shatter-resistant features, you can install this mirror with confidence. 


The Prominence Home LED Mirrors are a great addition to elevate and upgrade any bathroom or dressing room. With their sleek design, energy-efficient LED lights, and useful features, they will provide you with a reliable lighting solution that is both elegant and modern. 


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