The universal ceiling fan remote control kit will turn most standard ceiling fans into a remote control fan! Easily change your airflow and light at the touch of a button all from the comfort of your favorite chair.

This kit includes a receiver, remote control, wall dock and batteries. Lightweight and easy to use, comfort has never been so convenient! 

  • 3 SPEED REMOTE:  Easily change from low, medium or high fan speeds to maintain your ideal airflow, allowing for the perfect environment at all times.
  • INDEPENDENT LIGHT:  Turn the light power on and off without affecting the fan speed setting. On dimmable fans with dimmable bulbs, press and hold the light button to dim and adapt your lighting to fit your mood.
  • NATURE BREEZE AIRFLOW OPTION:  The fan will transition through the different fan speeds at random to imitate a gentle breeze.
  • WALK AWAY LIGHT DELAY:  Hit the walk away button and the light turns off 60 seconds later- allowing time to gather your things and leave the room before the light goes off.
  • SAFE HOME - AUTOMATIC ON-OFF LIGHT FEATURE:  This feature randomly turns the light on and off simulating normal home habits while you are away. 

*Not for use with flush mount ceiling fans

*Must install the included receiver to operate standard ceiling fan with remote

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