5 Easy Lighting Upgrades for a Big Impact

5 Easy Lighting Upgrades for a Big Impact

Are you tired of the look of your home? Are you ready for an upgrade but don’t know where to start? Do you want a DIY project but don’t want to spend hours planning, prepping, organizing, and cleaning? We have just the thing for you! Here are 5 easy lighting updates for your home that won’t break the bank or take up your whole weekend!

Industrial Style Cage Inspired Linear Chandelier Light with Clear Glass by Prominence Home

Dining Room

Often, homes come with a builder-grade light in the middle of a dining area or maybe your current light is simply leaving you uninspired. In less than an hour you can uninstall that outdated fixture and update it with an eye-catching new chandelier like the Sitka linear chandelier or the Birchberry geometric chandelier. Add a new vase and some candles and your dining room will have a whole new look! You might even want to invite friends and host a dinner party to show off your new room makeover! 


Does your house have a closet of shame? You know the one - that unorganized, dark space that you never want friends or family to see. Empty it out and upgrade your flushmount light – we suggest the Madalyn dome light for a modern look. Next, you need to add a few matching storage bins, learn how to fold those pesky fitted sheets, fill a couple of donation bags, and boom - you have transformed your closet from an eye sore to an Instagram-worthy destination. 

Madalyn, drum shaped flush mount ceiling light fixure, espresso finish with clear glass by Prominence Home

You will feel better once you do! 


Hallways, especially hallway lighting, often get ignored or overlooked when it comes to upgrades. Pull down that dusty, eye sore of a ceiling light and upgrade it with a new Madalyn, drum shaped flush mount light or the Lincoln Woods, cage style ceiling light for an industrial vibe. For a budget friendly way to finish your hallway upgrade, grab some artwork from Home Goods clearance section or print off some family pictures and hang them on the wall. 


For some homes, the front door is just where all those amazon packages arrive, while you and your family use the garage door or side door for everyday use. The entryway area can often be neglected. A quick and easy outdoor lighting update can add curb appeal and make your space look warm and inviting. Replace your dated outdoor coach light with a modern Culverine or a farmhouse style Hearthstone and give the area a quick cleaning and your space will be welcoming and inviting. For a more in depth project, purchase a new welcome mat and visit your local garden center for some planters to finish the look.


Lincoln Woods Industrial Style Vanity Lights

Updating bathroom lighting is a great way to refresh and brighten your space. The most difficult part of updating your bathroom vanity lighting is deciding which style to choose. Some designers like to match the finish of the lighting with the finish of the faucet, while some like to match the mirror frame. We love this Lincoln Woods with industrial style cage and clear glass.

  Once you decide which vanity light is right for you, this project can be completed in well under an hour! For added upgrades add a quick coat of Sherwin Williams paint and some new, fluffy towels. If you want a big upgrade switch out your vanity light and mirror to an LED mirror. These front and back lit mirrors are easy to install and have easy-touch controls to adjust the color, brightness and anti-fog features. Once you install an LED bathroom mirror, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! 


Whether you are ready for an easy DIY task or ready to dive into a full weekend project, look to Prominence Home to brighten your space and inspire your home!