How to Turn a “dumb” fan into a SMART one!

How to Turn a “dumb” fan into a SMART one!

Fansio Smart Ceiling Fans for Alexa, Siri and Google

Many down rod ceiling fans come with simple pull chains to operate the ceiling fans power, light and speeds. But what if you could say, “Hey Alexa, fan light on” or while you were away over night at that OMG AirBnB house (yes, that’s a real thing) you could control the lights on your ceiling fan to turn on and off randomly mimicking your presence in the home. There are a ton of cool things one can do with a smart fan.

Sounds like you need to replace every ceiling fans in the house, right? Don’t worry Prominence Home has you covered, check out our SMART ceiling fans.

What if you could take an existing ceiling fan and add smart technology to It?

Fansio Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit

This type of ceiling fan upgrade is achieved by simply adding a FansIO receiver kit to your fan. 

Simply power off the main breaker that energizes your fan, remove the canopy cover, and follow the easy to install instructions. Once you finish the installation and re-energize the system you can now download the FansIO app in Apple App Store or Google Play app market. Pair the device to your phone and if you have a smart home device like an Alexa go into the SKILLS section of the app and add the FansIO skill. 

You will be up and running and yelling “Hey Siri, FAN ON!” In no time.

Watch our video below about the other great features included beyond the app that you get with our universal remote. Home Shield, Natural Breeze, Walk Away Mode and more.

A universal Smart Ceiling Fan kit can be installed with any brand of ceiling fan not just a Prominence Home brand (though we prefer it was one of ours, we understand you may have a Hampton Bay®, Harbor Breeze®, Honeywell® Ceiling Fan or Hunter® Ceiling fan from the original owners of your home.). The only fan types that you are not able to upgrade with this technology would be those flush mount / hugger style fans or those with a previously integrated receiver. They simply don’t have a place for the receiver to slide in like the ceiling fans shown above.

There’s always a SMARTER way to save money and get a home upgrade.

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