52 Inch Magonia Low Profile Ceiling Fan Collection by Prominence Home

Product Spotlight: Magonia

The Magonia ceiling fan is a perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience. Discover why the Magonia is a great addition for your home.

Style and Design

The Magonia ceiling fan combines industrial farmhouse style with traditional influences, creating a unique and captivating look. Its classic design adds charm and character to any space, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a timeless appeal.

The fan's flush mount design ensures a chic low-profile appearance, making it perfect for rooms with low ceilings or where extra space is needed.

Available in three finishes - Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, and Bright White - the Magonia complements a range of design aesthetics. Whether your space leans towards modern, traditional, or farmhouse, you'll find the perfect finish to suit your style.

52 Inch Magonia Low Profile Ceiling Fan by Prominence Home

Powerful and Efficient Airflow

Equipped with five modern blades, the Magonia delivers exceptional airflow and a refreshing breeze. With its 52-inch blade span, this ceiling fan is designed to provide optimal comfort in medium to large rooms up to 400 sq. ft., such as bedrooms, dens, and dining rooms.

The fan's high-capacity reversible motor ensures powerful airflow and quiet performance all year long. During warmer months, the fan spins counter-clockwise to create a cooling effect and optimize airflow to enhance comfort.

In colder months, simply change the fan's direction to clockwise to evenly distribute warm air on low speed. This versatile feature ensures a comfortable environment regardless of the season.

Convenient Control and Lighting

Controlling the Magonia is effortless with its pull chain operation. The fan features two pull chains, one for adjusting the three fan speeds and the other for adjusting the light.

The built in three-step dimmable lighting allows you to customize the brightness levels according to your preferences, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion  without needing a dimmer switch.

The LED lighting features a 3-arm branched design holding 3 E26 / B11 bulbs (included). These bulbs are 500 lumens, 5.5 watts and a color temperature of 2700K.

Easy Installation

Installing the Magonia ceiling fan is a breeze, thanks to its thoughtful innovative features:

  • Captured Screws: This feature ensure the blades are easy to connect to the body of the fan without dropping or misplacing the screws. They are conveniently positioned which are right where you need them, easy to manage, and only require a simple twist.
  • Quick 2 Hang technology: The blades easily attach to the blade arms with a simple twist and click, saving you time and effort during the installation process.
  • Quick 2 Twist Glass: The clear glass shades can be securely attached without the need for hardware or tools, providing a hassle-free experience.
Quick 2 Hang Innovation by Prominence Home -Makes Ceiling Fan Installation Easy

Experience the ultimate blend of cutting-edge features, captivating design, efficient air circulation, and hassle-free setup with the Magonia ceiling fan. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or any indoor area, this remarkable fan is the ideal choice. Elevate both the ambiance and coziness of your home with the Magonia ceiling fan and enjoy the cool comfort!